Slovene architecture

Park Sonce, Lucija

Scapelab / 2014

A temporary solution for the Park Sonce in Lucija is an experiment in low-cost public space design. Using the existing elements of the kart circuit and adding a few key features turned an abandoned karting track into a public park. Some carefully placed earth mounds, trees, a rose garden, a few Forma Viva sculptures and an abstract graphic dotted design converted the place into an open space for socializing, recreation, relaxation and rest.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
30.000 m2
Investment value
240.000 eur
Mestna občina Piran

Technical team

Marko Studen, Boris Matić, Jernej Šipoš, Paul Louis Bourel, Ivan Zuliani, Jana Kraševec, Scapelab
Landscape architecture
Gregor Vreš
Bor Dobrin

Manufacturers and Suppliers