Slovene architecture

Park of memories in Mežica

Uroš Reiter / 2013
LOCATION: Lenartova ulica, Mežica

In the Park of memories the living remember the dead and with that the park becomes a place of comunication of both worlds, similar to the active cemeteries, but still different. The design of the park aims to connect this world with the outer, everyday world and make an active connection. The modern designed presence of the past content of space is designed minimalistically with the subtle intervention of the floor area. The north part of the park, in the direction of the town, features a new architectural installation.

Object information

Construction year
Area size
2500 m2
180000 €
Občina Mežica

Technical team

Uroš Reiter
Landscape architects
Andrej Strgar
Miran Kambič
Mechanical engineers
Zoran Markovič
Electrical engineers
Alan Dornik
Construction engineers
Ervin Presiček

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Koroške gradnje d.o.o.
Construction work
Koroške gradnje d.o.o.
Koroške gradnje d.o.o.
Koroške gradnje d.o.o.
Koroške gradnje d.o.o.
Construction material