Slovene architecture

European Library under the Treetops

Zaš Brezar, Tina Popovič, Andraž Tarman / 2012

The Library under the Treetops offers spaces for free outdoor reading, book-browsing and relaxing. For several years the project has been produced by the Divja Misel (Wild Thought) Institute. In the summer of 2012, the courtyard of the EU House in Ljubljana, an old town house on Breg, the main promenade of the centre of Ljubljana, has been turned into an outdoor library. Despite being recently refurbished, the courtyard was not a cozy or inviting space due to inappropriate choice of materials and use of space. In order to turn the courtyard into an inviting European Library under the Treetops, a wooden terrace was installed under a temporary green canopy, offering a pleasant and comfortable reading environment.

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Interior design
Zaš Brezar, Tina Popovič, Andraž Tarman

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