Slovene architecture

Litija Primary School

Ravnikar Potokar arhitekturni biro / 2014
LOCATION: Cesta komandanta Staneta 2, Litija

The placement and design of the new school building had to take into account several factors, such as the nearby old court, the existing school, and the orientation and the functional concept of the new building. Its height and form are subjected to the old court, yet at the same time the new school is clearly separated from it. The rectangular design, based on the old school, is interrupted by a round atrium, which creates attractive spatial dynamics. Classroom blocks are designed as floating volumes on the glass-coated ground floor, defining the entrances. Most of the classrooms face south and are therefore adequately shaded.

Object information

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Energetska izkaznica
Občina Litija

Technical team

Robert Potokar, Zala Likavec, Alenka Kramer, Mladen Marčina, Drago Štefanec
Miran Kambič, Virginia Vrecl

Manufacturers and Suppliers