Slovene architecture

Primary school Brezovica

Sonet / 2010

This low-energy elementary school was built on the site of the old school and it is three times larger. Despite new ventilation it consumes half the energy, and water consumption by installing rainwater tanks is reduced by two-thirds. From the demolished building they reused bricks, concrete, glass, soil, decking and wooden brackets. Excellent thermal insulation, flexible exterior shades and exploitation of solar energy provide thermal comfort at an extremely low power consumption (7.37 W/m3). Oil consumption for heating buildings fell from 9.84 to 1.78 l/m2. With the rational decision-making and reducing energy consumption in all parts of the construction process and usage, this is a good example, which contributes to less energy-dependent low-carbon society.

Knauf AMF stropni sistemi d.o.o.
Knaufinsulation d.o.o.

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Technical team

Slavko Gabrovšek, Sonet

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