Slovene architecture

Single dwelling building, Vodnikova 5, Ljubljana

Ivo Koritnik, Erich Műller, Matjaž Križman / 2018
LOCATION: Vodnikova 5, Ljubljana

The MOL Public Housing Fund presents the reconstruction, rehabilitation and functional modernization of an existing building dating from 1856. New support walls were added to enhance the landscaping of the surrounding area. The layout of the existing house (ground floor, upper floor and attic) and the auxiliary building (ground floor only) did not change. The building offers housing for 12 adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
654,59 m2
Total Area
805 m2
Investment value
751.920 €
Energy Performance Certificate
Javni stanovanjski sklad MOL
Cooperating Institutions
Javni stanovanjski sklad MOL, Ministrstvo za delo, družino in socialne zadeve, CUDV Draga

Technical team

Ivo Koritnik, Matjaž Križman
Interior design
Ivo Koritnik, Erich Műller
Landscape architecture
Matjaž Križman, Ivo Koritnik
Aleš Černivec
Mechanical engineering
Biro Petkovski d.o.o.
Electrical engineering
Biro Petkovski d.o.o.
Construction engineering
Andrej Blatnik
Project maintenance
CUDV Draga
Technological plans
Andraž Ceket
Other participants
ZRMK Inštitut, Saning d.o.o., Vedran Brekič

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
TGH d.o.o.
Construction work
TGH d.o.o.
Fasades and insulation
TGH d.o.o.
Installation contractor
Novomont d.o.o.
Windows, doors
Plasters, screeds
TGH d.o.o.
Floors, parquets, ceramics
TGH d.o.o.
Učilna d.o.o., Mizarstvo Šterk d.o.o.
Erga metal d.o.o.
Erga metal d.o.o., Rok Glavač
Mizarstvo Šterk d.o.o.