Slovene architecture

New kindergarten in Smlednik

Linear , Silvija Kajzer / 2012
LOCATION: Valburga 26a, 1215 Medvode

This low-energy wooden nursery is integrated into the natural landscape surrounding the village. Its design is based on the characteristics of the location, scale adjustments to the children, connection with the outside space, orientation and accessibility. Symbolically it represents a small mansion with a small tree alley access. It has one floor, with the exception of the entrance section. The extension is located next to the existing kindergarten that will be demolished after the completion of new building. The speed and ease of construction, as well as a sense of warmth and ecology were acchieved by wooden elements: building elements, insulation, finishes, flooring, equipment, play galleries, staircases with railings … The extensive flat roofs are covered in greenery.




Object information

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Technical team

Linear, Silvija Kajzer

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Marles hiše Maribor d.o.o.
Gradbena dela
VG5 d.o.o.