Slovene architecture

Nova center Velenje

Studio Perspektiva / 2005
LOCATION: Šaleška cesta 21, 3320 Velenje

A multi-purpose facility dating back to the 1960’s is located in the renewed Nama shopping and commercial complex in the centre of Velenje, and hosts a library in its central part. The different textures of the façade express the facility’s various functions. Apertures allow for controlled views of the surroundings. The interior is spacious and bright. New architecture and programs in the facility represent a generator of new ideas, something of vital importance for the city’s urban community. There is also a new public square in front of the building.


Object information

Leto izgradnje
Mestna občina Velenje, Toming Consulting

Technical team

Uroš Reiter, Studio Perspektiva

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
SGP Kograd Gok Igem d.o.o.