Slovene architecture

Modular cardboard office

Ambrož Bartol, Tadej Dobrajc, David Klobčar, Matej Blenkuš, Mitja Zorc / 2014

The idea of using corrugated cardboard as a simple building material stems from a 2013 student’s project of designing temporary dwellings for workers of Krško nuclear power plant. The project received the Piran Days of Architecture award. In cooperation with Zavod Big, the idea was then carried out in an abandoned industrial site of Mladinska knjiga, where modular cardboard cells were used to revitalize the old factory hall in a low-cost, flexible and energetically efficient way.

Corrugated cardboard is an excellent insulating material, it has an appropriate carrying capacity and is extremely cost-efficient. It is completely degradable, ecological and can be reused in a variety of ways. A prototype of an office was built to be used by Zavod Big administration. The office is energetically efficient and allows for low running costs by taking advantage of the industrial hall characteristics: a large, well lit, covered, but unheated space. By adding new offices, the former factory is to become a lively Design City, a creative space dedicated to designers, architects and other artists from the fields of space design, media, and culture.

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Zavod BIG

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Ambrož Bartol, Tadej Dobrajc, David Klobčar, Matej Blenkuš, Mitja Zorc
Ambrož Bartol

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