Slovene architecture

Restoration of Minoriti church for multipurpose performance hall

ATELIERarhitekti / 2015

The restoration of the church was one of the final stages of preservation of the Minorite monastery complex. The restoration works unveiled foundations of Romanesque pillars under the church floor, which made almost the entire ground level accessible to the public. A plate separates the two levels without touching the walls. A large portion of a Gothic church entrance was unveiled on the northern facade. The ground level of that church was almost one meter beneath the present Baroque building. Therefore, a visit to Minorite church now offers an insight into three historical periods.

Object information

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677,52 m2

Technical team

Jurij Kobe, Urša Podlipnik, Tanja Paulin, Maja Kovačič, Peter Plantan
Miran Kambič, Jurij Kobe

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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VG5 d.o.o.
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