Slovene architecture

City Park Muste

Medprostor / 2020
LOCATION: Park Muste, Fužinska pot v Ljubljani

City park Muste is a newly designed open public space in the intersection of residential neighbourhoods Štepanjsko naselje and Nove Fužine.
The renovated open space of the two embankments of the Ljubljanica River is primarily intended to enhance the living environment of existing neighbourhoods with the ambition to create a modern park environment with diverse programs and ambiences, which will also attract visitors from other parts of Ljubljana.

Object information

Construction year
Total Area
41580 m2
Investment value
564.250 eur
Mestna občina Ljubljana

Technical team

Andraž Keršič, Dino Mujić, Klara Bohinc, Martin Kruh, Rok Žnidaršič, Samo Mlakar, Tamara Németh, Medprostor
Virginia Vrecl

Manufacturers and Suppliers