Slovene architecture

Pritličje Bar

Nena Gabrovec, Mojca Kocbek Vimos / 2014
LOCATION: Mestni trg 2, Ljubljana

Pritličje bar was designed following the owners’ wish to create a place with its own distinct identity on a very low budget. It should not be merely a collection of retro design items; it should add a unique creative touch. The project offered a few do-it-yourself pieces and some reused vintage pieces of furniture. Pritličje hosts a central coffee shop, a back room for afternoon and evening events, and a comic book shop.

Object information

Leto projekta
Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
130 m2
Energetska izkaznica

Technical team

Nena Gabrovec, Mojca Kocbek Vimos
Leonardo Vimos Sierra

Manufacturers and Suppliers