Slovene architecture

Prince's Mansion in Celje

Košorokgartner arhitekti / 2013

The Prince’s Mansion in Celje is one of the landmarks of the town and an important historic monument. It is one of the few secular Gothic buildings in Slovenia. It hosts museums, galleries and congress events. Over the decades, three stages of the four-part restoration have been completed. All the new elements adjust discreetly to the historic construction. The new staircase and footbridges in the basement have a marked sculptured quality. The walls have been cleaned and impregnated to display all the previous interventions.

Object information

Construction year

Technical team

Košorokgartner arhitekti, Gregor Košorok, Tanja Gobov, Jernej Gartner, Brigita Babnik, Matija Lenaršič
Jernej Gartner

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Arcadia d.o.o.