Slovene architecture

Educational centre Janez Levec

Curk arhitektura d.o.o. / 2014
LOCATION: Zemljemerska ulica 7, Ljubljana

A section of Poljane primary school, designed by architect Oton Jugovec, has been allocated to a new educational centre, managed by Institute Janez Levec and Ljubljana municipality. It provides different activities, such as counselling, teaching, and education of adults working with special needs children. This is the first centre of its kind in Slovenia and is meant to be an example for other similar institutions. It features brightly lit spaces, playful equipment and a recognizable overall image. The wall painting was made by artist Petra Varl.

Object information

Leto projekta
Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
MOL Oddelek za predšolsko vzgojo in izobraževanje

Technical team

Jožica Curk, Nada Korošec, Curk arhitektura d.o.o.
Krajinska arhitektura
Mitja Škrjanec
Blaž Zupančič
Elektro instalacije
Biro Lovšin d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers