Slovene architecture

Intra lighting

Trošt in sodelavci arhitektura / 2012

The company decided to convert the old industrial hall into management offices which should reflect the contemporary attitude of the firm. The entrance is designed as a multistory common space, with a lift and a staircase. The former compact facade has been remodelled into an attractive, functional business facade. The building is energetically efficient (5.3 W/m2, including lightning), which is half of the prescribed amount. Different lightning schemes can be adjusted to the time of day and the needs of the working process. After lunch, employees can enjoy a cooler, mind-brightening light, while at other times a calming warmer light can boosts their concentration.

Object information

Construction year
Object size
1500 m2

Technical team

Trošt in sodelavci arhitektura, Jan Trošt, Nejc Trošt, Peter Krapež
Nika Furlan

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