Slovene architecture

Interpretation center Ig

Atelje Ostan Pavlin / 2022
LOCATION: Govekarjeva cesta 5, 1292 Ig

The museum for the interpretation of local culture and nature at Ig is complemented by an open-air archaeological museum, outside the settlement. Together with the old granary, which was saved from demolition and restored, the new building forms a compositional dialogue between the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary, the closed and the open. The new facility is defined by an open structure that forms a public façade facing the newly designed square in front of them. The geometry and volume of the museum have been placed in the context of the centre of Ig.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
555 m2
Investment value
875.000 €
Prefarenzen 2022
Občina Ig
Cooperating Institutions
ZRC SAZU, Krajinski park Ljubljansko barje

Technical team

Atelje Ostan Pavlin
Interior design
Atelje Ostan Pavlin
Landscape architecture
Atelje Ostan Pavlin
Virginia Vrecl, Wolfgang Croce

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Resal d.o.o.
Fasades and insulation
Roofing, tinkering
Grič-ar d.o.o, PREFA Slovenija
Windows, doors
Mizarstvo Košak d.o.o.
RPS d.o.o., izvedba razstave