Slovene architecture

Interior Wellness Park Laško

Arhitekturni Studio Rebeka, Elastik / 2010

The complex Thermana in Laško was designed by architectural Studio Rebeka. Architectural Office Elastic ​​designeda number of interiors: hotel rooms, a spa and a convention room. Interiors are linked by a common design principle, based on the guest circulation in the complex, creating an atmosphere of colors and design details. The programes are separated by color schemes: a blue and green hotel reception, a red reception pool, spa in shades of purple, an orange restaurant. Each room has its own hue, equipment and lighting are merged into a single spatial element.


Object information

Construction year

Technical team

Arhitekturni Studio Rebeka, Borut Rebolj, Elastik, Mika Cimolini, Igor Kebel, Primož Špacapan, Grega Pilih

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Fasades and insulation