Slovene architecture

INFORMAL CITY – Architectural walk around Koper

Avtomatik delovišče / 2021

This architectural walk around Koper “Informal City” explores the layers of the town’s only urban plan, designed by architect Edo Mihevc in the 1960s. It reveals the timelines of various project spaces of the working group Avtomatik delovišče , from Mihevc’s red block of flats Tomos Koper to Kiosk K-67 , which stands on Ukmar Square and represents a new programme generator of the city. It will host lectures, discussions, workshops and educational events for citizens.

The architectural walk will be led by Boštjan Bugarič, PhD, architect and one of the founders of the Avtomatik delovišče. The group deals with modern urban practices, temporary uses in public space and connections between professionals, decision-makers and residents.

The meeting point will be on Tito Square in Koper and the walk will last about two hours.

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Avtomatik delovišče, Miran Kambič, Tina Cotič, Črt Kozlovič, Enota, Arhiv Koper

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