Slovene architecture

Industrial Complex Akrapovič

Slavojka Akrapovič, Atelje Galerija, Robert Zakrajšek, Peter Kranjc / 2009

The industrial complex Akrapovič is made up of buildings of various purposes, which were built from 2000 onwards. The development halls, the test room and the foundry are coordinated according to the vertical dimensions, the choice of materials, colors and detailing and adapted to the typology of the entire industrial area. Concrete, iron, steel, aluminum, glass, metal mesh and Trimo panels, which are repeated in all three buildings, are a cohesive thread that unifies the complex. Unique color combinations were used to create interiors, thus preventing the monotony of the industrial or office environment. The complex as a whole and its individual parts aim to establish a dialogue with the agricultural landscape.

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