Slovene architecture


Gea consulting d.o.o. / 2021
LOCATION: Cesta 27. aprila 47, 1000 Ljubljana

The house was built in 1912, and Ivan Hribar moved into it in 1922. His daughter Zlatica donated most of the family heritage to the Ljubljana City Museum, and the villa to the state. The renovation followed the idea of presenting the building in the image it had after an annex was built in 1933. Today, the villa is home to the international foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures, while the exhibition offers an insight into the life of the citizens and the former Ljubljana mayor in the early 20th century.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
cca 380 m2
Total Area
1072 m2
Investment value
1.799.061,90 EUR z DDV €
Mestna občina Ljubljana

Technical team

Aleš Hafner, Gea consulting d.o.o.
Interior design
Mateja Kavčič
Mechanical engineering
Medard Hafner
Electrical engineering
Miha Uršič
Construction engineering
Jožko Misson
Conservation plan
Vid Klančar

Manufacturers and Suppliers