Slovene architecture

House Vrhe

Styria arhitektura d.o.o. / 2015

This is an example of high quality architectural renovation, a combination of cultural landscape, building heritage and modern dwelling culture. It reuses local materials to revitalize an existing building, an over 50 years old abandoned barn. It was completely dismantled, cleaned, protected and used to construct the skeleton of the new building. This wholly sustainable approach is based on careful planning, use of traditional local resources and materials, energetic efficiency and a design suitable for the natural surroundings. The house features its own water reservoir, a rainwater collector and a wooden biomass stove.

Object information

Leto projekta
Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
479 m2
Kvadratura parcele
2472 m2
Energetska izkaznica

Technical team

David Mišič, Sašo Žolek, Brigita Čas, Kaja Kotnik, Aleš Koprivšek
Krajinska arhitektura
Aleš Koprivšek, ZUM d.o.o.
Miran Kambič
Gradbene konstrukcije
Grand d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers