Slovene architecture

Hiša Robida guesthouse

Endemika / 2018
LOCATION: Črni Kal 61, 6275 Črni Kal

This tiny hotel on the edge of Slovenian Karst is an old reconstructed house, built of stone and reinforced by concrete plates. An old wooden construction was partially replaced by a steel one, so the new living area could be formed. On the ground floor there is a reception desk with a tiny kitchen and a larger multi-purpose room. The design of the guesthouse was inspired by the owners’ grandparents and their lives, by the nearby majestic stone walls of Karst and its forests.

Object information

Construction year
Object size
410 m2

Technical team

Interior designers
Eva Pincin, Martina Kmet
Mechanical engineers
Inkoterm d.o.o.
Electrical engineers
Elin d.o.o.
Construction engineers
Milan Rejec s.p.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Geoit d.o.o.
Construction work
Geoit d.o.o.
AM-SATUS d.o.o., Pravas elektroinštalacije d.o.o., Legada d.o.o.