Slovene architecture

House Raduha hayrack

Odprti krog / 2012

A few years ago, the owners of the house Raduha bought and moved into their garden an old hayrack, saving a piece of cultural heritage from collapse. They designed an apartment inside the hayrack. The original structure and the image of the old hayrack was preserved. They used mostly natural materials. Renovation stresses the harmony between the almost pristine facade outside and modern ambience in the interior. Living room and bathroom are placed on the first floor, a bedroom is in the attic, in the open ground floor there are a large summer table and a bath tub. The closed part of the hayrack sleeps four people on 20 m2.


Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
20 m2
Martina and Matjaž Breznik

Technical team

Odprti krog, Gašper Drašler, Matjaž Suhadolc, Janko Rožič
Leon Vidic

Manufacturers and Suppliers