Slovene architecture

House P

Kombinat d.o.o. / 2015

Sitting on a steep slope in a stunning location above a village, this home is composed of four levels. A smaller and a bigger apartment, designed for two generations of owners, and their common quarters are distributed on different floors. The entrance is on lower ground floor, while the upper ground floor opens onto the yard with a service building. Large glazed walls offer views of the Julian Alps, and smaller windows open onto the Karavanke Alps. The lower part of the house is traditionally built, while the upper part is prefabricated, with a wooden facade. The roof with two balconies along the longitudinal facades covers the wooden part of the house.

Reservation required. The reservations will open on 7th April.



Object information

Leto izgradnje

Technical team

Blaž Kandus, Alenka Korenjak, Ana Grk, Tomaž Čeligoj
Kombinat d.o.o., Miha Polak

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
Rihter d.o.o.
Okna, vrata