Slovene architecture

House on Opekarska Street

Studio rumena, Sreda zavod za oblikovanje / 2010

The floor plan of the semi-detached house is determined by the shape of its plot with a busy road in the north and a leafy shore of Mali Graben stream, planted with willows and alder trees in the south. The two-family house is relatively large but clever volume segmentation and use of different materials make it appear smaller. The living quarters on the ground floor are transparent and directly connected to the garden, while the northern side of the house is more closed. The house is distinguished by clear and seemingly simple details, muted colors, and thoughtful use of materials. Underfloor heating, good insulation, forced ventilation system and rooftop solar panels make for an energy efficient family home.



Object information

Construction year

Technical team

Petra Marinšek, Studio rumena, Saša Vrabec, Sreda zavod za oblikovanje

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Windows, doors
LESKO Žiri d.o.o.