Slovene architecture

House Barje

Nena Grmovšek, Nives Kos / 2009

The single-family atrium house with its attached English garden was built in 1979. It was designed by architects Breda and Bojan Kapelj. The house offers pleasant living in harmony with nature with its NW – SE orientation. It is constructed of concrete bricks with visible facade brick and with a slightly sloping roof. On the ground floor, glazed walls offer views of a landscaped garden with a natural pond. The present owners have renovated the house and adapted it to the modern way of life. The living / dining area with the kitchen is bright, spacious and offers great living comfort. The bedroom, two children’s rooms and the guest room with many storage areas are all decorated in timeless modern style.

Object information

Construction year
Object size
200 m2
Area size
2200 m2

Technical team

Interior designers
Nives Kos, Nena Grmovšek
Mateja Jordovič Potočnik

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Gorazd Ciperle s.p.
Windows, doors
Mizarstvo Košak d.o.o.
Mizarstvo Robert Župec s.p.