Slovene architecture

House Gabrje

3biro, Janez Koželj, Blaž Rupar, Tina Rupar Kobe / 2010

The shape of Gabrje House, its placement and its floor plan depend on each other and match its rural setting. The interior connects with the exterior, the layout responds to the structure, the cross section links with placement of the building, the façade cladding corresponds to the apertures, and the volume of the building matches the plot. The house is closed towards its neighbours in the north and opens towards the valley in the south. The rooms and the outer extensions have similar surfaces that offer a variety of uses. The design of the family home is clear; the front side is open, the back side is closed; the living quarters are in the front, the service spaces occupy the back of the house. The ground floor is reinforced concrete while the upper floor is constructed from prefabricated wood.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
187 m2
Kvadratura parcele
860 m2

Technical team

3biro, Janez Koželj, Blaž Rupar, Tina Rupar Kobe, Jernej Šipoš
Strojne instalacije
Projekt Rant, Boštjan Rant s.p.
Elektro instalacije
Miran Špeh

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Gradbena dela
Ivan Zajc
Ivan Zajc