Slovene architecture

House Atrium A

Blaž Slapšak, Dominika Batista / 2006

The atrium house in Koseze has a modern design dating back to 1969. More than 30 years later it was given a new, unconventional look. Instead of rooms the house features only interconnected, but functionally divided veiled spaces. It can be fully opened into the atrium that serves as the access to the work areas. A special feature distinguishing the house is that it has a space for a car which is not a garage. The design treats the car as another of those objects that we love, such as a chair or a salad bowl; thus the car is driven into the working wing from where one steps into the “private” part of the house through a circular aperture.


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Technical team

Blaž Slapšak, Dominika Batista

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