Slovene architecture


Idea:list studio / 2021
LOCATION: Ljubljana

The spatial design of the apartment was seen as a series of views due to the changes from narrow to open spaces and vice versa. In the frames that open up with every step, the authors wanted to create a harmony of opposites; volumes and voids, light and dark colours, lights and shadows, soft and angular strokes. By using different volumes and three shades of beige, we created a balanced base with the furniture, complemented by a careful selection of light and dark and rough and soft textiles.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
58 m2

Technical team

Interior design
Idea:list studio, Urša Kres, Urban Pahor, Tina Begović
Blaž Gutman

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Mizarstvo Peklenk Boris s.p.