Slovene architecture

Gruber Palace

Gabriel Gruber, Janez Trenz / 1813

The Gruber palace houses the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, the country’s central institution for the preservation of archival material. “The palace, which was originally built to house the School for hydraulics and mechanics, was designed and financed by the Jesuit Gabriel Gruber. It was built as a symmetric mansion, with a Baroque garden reaching to the Ljubljanica river banks. The simple central facade is highlightened only by the portal and a central avant-corps. Its interior is lavishly decorated by flower stucco in the stairwell, paintings by Herrlein in the dome and golden stucco in the first floor chapel. Between 1809 and 1813, during the period of the Illyrian provinces, the building was altered for the first time. In 1842 a new wing was added on Karlovška street, and in 1976 another wing designed by architect Janez Trenz was built to house the Archives.” (Source:

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Gabriel Gruber, Janez Trenz

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