Slovene architecture

Ormož Castle Renovation

Maruša Zorec, Maša Živec, Žiga Ravnikar / 2011

The outbuildings of the Ormož castle were architecturally renovated in order to restore and to present them in a contemporary manner, while adding some necessary amenities. One part of the renovated building is used as exhibition rooms of the archaeological and ethnographical collection of the Regional Museum Ptuj Ormož, while the other part is used by the Ormož Music School. Bricks as the traditional local building material are the main motif of the renovation. By using brick, the renovation of the Ormož castle preserves the traditional local building methods which originate in ancient history.


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Maruša Zorec, Maša Živec, Žiga Ravnikar
Miran Kambič
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