Slovene architecture

France Bevk library in Nova Gorica

Ravnikar Potokar arhitekturni biro / 1999

The powerful design of the France Bevk library occupies an important place in the urban grid of Nova Gorica. The library symbolically concludes the axis between two important referential points of the two cities – Travnik (Lawn), located in the historical centre of Gorizia, and the “lawn”, a public space in front of the municipality building in Nova Gorica. The most important public spaces of the city are set around the main public square under the arcades, a feature that is repeated in the library building.

Object information

Construction year
Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Občina Nova Gorica, Fundacija Soros

Technical team

Ravnikar Potokar arhitekturni biro, Vojteh Ravnikar, Maruša Zorec, Robert Potokar, Drago Štefanec, Miha Kajzelj
Interior design
Robert Potokar, Maruša Zorec, Damjana Zaviršek Hudnik
Damir Fabjanić

Manufacturers and Suppliers