Slovene architecture

Gong Gallery

Kreadom d.o.o. / še ni zaključen, prenova še traja
LOCATION: Nova Gorica

New Gong Gallery is situated in the first floor of commercial building in the walking district of Nova Gorica. Few small office spaces are combined in one open and bright space, orientated from east to west. With new glass facades the whole space opens towards the outdoors, facade becomes attractive and contemporary and slim black metal window frames are framing interesting city views, that are normally overlooked.

White walls are flexible and ment for different types of exhibition settings, and are the background for the art to speak alone. Art work can shine also due to discreet and flexible light design. Gallery is still in the work process and it’a a first step towards the culturalisation of the city center for the cultural future.

Object information

Construction year
še ni zaključen, prenova še traja
Total floor area
87 m2
Galerija Gong

Technical team

Adrijan Cingerle, Renata Jakopin

Manufacturers and Suppliers