Slovene architecture

Gogoljs - exterior movable multipurpose shelves for cafeteria

Natalija Zanoški, Darko Plevnik / 2019
LOCATION: Glavni trg 6, Novo mesto

After the renovation of the main square, the terrace of the Goga Café was occupied by six movable cubes, which due to their adjustable height allow several different uses. Primarily, the »Gogolj« cubes serve as coffee tables, reading surfaces, protect the clients from unwanted peering and allow advertising space for the publisher. At the events, they transform into an outdoor bar counter, high bar tables … Cubes made of facade compact panels are mounted on painted steel substructure on wheels and withstand precipitation, as well as UV light.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
30 m2
Založba Goga

Technical team

Darko Plevnik, Natalija Zanoški
Boštjan Pucelj

Manufacturers and Suppliers