Slovene architecture

Gates of eden

Idea:list studio / 2022
LOCATION: Ljubljana

The starting point dictated the design of a multi-faceted interior that transforms in relation to the emotional world of the owner, creating different ambient scenarios in the space. Walls covered in dark colours and wallpapers with imaginary landscapes and natural motifs of flora and fauna take on an almost paradisiacal appearance and a theatrical patina that changes with the light that penetrates into the space. The ”some other-time” component in the form of wallpapers and dark colours is complemented by curtains in deep shades of colours wine red and velvet blue.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
84,6 m2

Technical team

Interior design
Idea:list studio, Tina Begović, Urban Pahor, Urša Kres
Blaž Gutman

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Mizarstvo Cegi, Anže Ceglar s.p., Pohištvo Žakelj d.o.o.
ZA DIZAJN d.o.o.