Slovene architecture

festival Hall Bled - renovation of small halls

Nena Gabrovec, Mojca Kocbek Vimos, Aleš Vodopivec / 2017
LOCATION: Cesta svobode 11, Bled

The Festival Hall Bled is located at a prestigious site along the Lake Bled. The existing size and the organisation of the halls inside does not fulfill the standards of congress activities that the Hall would like to offer. The goal of the project was to reorganise the existing plan in a way that would enable the use the conference halls in different size setups. The main room, with great views of Lake Bled and its island, is now designed in a way that allows for five different space organisations. To achieve that, white sliding doors/walls elements were used, enabling a complete open layout or separate rooms for different occasions. Along with the reorganisation of the conference halls, translator cabins and the complete inner facade along the halls were redesigned. A new oak wood cover for the new heating system was designed under the windows that can also serve as a bench.


Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
465 m2
Zavod za kulturo Bled

Technical team

Aleš Vodopivec, Mojca Kocbek Vimos, Nena Gabrovec
Nena Gabrovec, Mojca Kocbek Vimos
Mare Mutič
Strojne instalacije
Kalkem d.o.o., Tomaž Kalan
Elektro instalacije
Biro Lovšin d.o.o., Jakob Lovšin
Gradbene konstrukcije
Tajus d.o.o., Blaž Hrastnik

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
Lesnina MG oprema d.d.
Notranja oprema
Kubus – interier d.o.o., Lesnina MG oprema d.d.