Slovene architecture

House Golnik

Arhitektura Starc, Biro Iksiks / 2018

The client wanted a passive house where the interior would further emphasize sustainable and usable architecture. The orientation of the building dictated the arrangement of living and sleeping areas to the south and west, where there are also the most beautiful views. With the proper arrangement of the furnishings, the subtle colour scheme and materials, and the thoughtful execution of the details, the authors created a bright, airy and functional space with views of the landscape. With the recurring details, they achieved a unified and cohesive look throughout the building.

House is located in Golnik.

Object information

Construction year

Technical team

Jasna Ariana Starc, Arhitektura Starc
Interior designers
Urša Dežman, Tina Marc Baša, Biro Iksiks
Klemen Korenjak

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Mizarstvo Peternelj d.o.o