Slovene architecture


Društvo študentov arhitekture EASA Slovenija / 2013
LOCATION: Loka, Žužemberk

Endor is a project of three tree huts with a common staircase. Each has a floor area of about 20 m2 and is based on a tree and pillars with a point foundation. The whole structure is made of wood, connected with steel elements. The special feature is the fixing of individual parts on the tree with Garnier screws. These are screwed into the trunk causing a minimal interference in nature. The façade is made of shadings, painted on the upper side, which provides Luís Barragán-style effects.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
60 m²
Vrednost investicije

Technical team

Društvo študentov arhitekture EASA Slovenija, Emilio Roldan, Javier Diaz Garrido, Alvaro Paya Piqueras
Jure Žagar

Manufacturers and Suppliers