Slovene architecture

Jelen Mansion

studio abiro, Matej Blenkuš, Miloš Florijančič / 2013

At the northern edge of the rocky shelf on which the mediaeval part of the city of Kranj is built, an important hotel with a restaurant used to attract visitors from far and near. The wing of the building that housed horse stables was due to daily transport of goods from the railway station, which lies further down the road by the Sava River, to the city centre. Later on, the run-down Jelen Hotel, frequented by drug addicts and homeless people, became a shame for the city of Kranj. The investor who bought the dilapidated property issued a public invitation for tenders in cooperation with the city authorities and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, in which ours was the winning project. A varied structure of the building, uneven roofline, a courtyard, outside access corridors to flats, volume adjustment to the direct context and characteristic architectural accents are the most valuable elements of the project.


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studio abiro, Matej Blenkuš, Miloš Florijančič
Miran Kambič

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Roofing, tinkering