Slovene architecture

Diamond, BTC City

Arhimetrics arhitekti / maj 2021

The client’s wish was to place working spaces for 10-12 people, a small meeting room, an archive and a reception room in a space of just under 70m2. In order to make the best possible use of the square footage, we kept the volume as one set, without divisions, with each individual smaller part serving several functions. The central element of the space is a free-standing glass “capsule” of oval shape, which when closed serves as a meeting room, but most of the time it is open and transparent, which enables quick morning meetings of employees. The glass capsule stands only on oval glass without pillars, thus enabling complete transparency and openness. This can be changed in an instant by pulling the curtain, which allows for greater privacy and damping of any sound, so that its use does not interfere with the work process of others. The workstations are designed as flexibly as possible – 7m tables without intermediate barriers offer enough space for several users.

With the choice of materials and clean lines we wanted to achieve an interior consistent with the company’s activities (financial consulting). It should reflect seriousness, integrity and trust; at the same time, a bold combination of atypical colours and textures (polished stainless steel, felt, appearance of raw concrete, lexan) also reflects the company’s creative search for solutions. The project thus redefines the office typology by exploring different materials, programme forms and spatial geometry.

Object information

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maj 2021
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/ m2

Technical team

Dare Vasiljevič, Tina Hočevar, Tanja Špan Vasiljevič
ARHIMETRICS (Dare Vasiljevič, Tanja Špan Vasiljevič)

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Intergrad d.o.o.
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Intergrad d.o.o.
Intergrad d.o.o.
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