Slovene architecture

Hayracks land

Rupert Gole, Iztok Kovačič, Jože Cugelj / 2012
LOCATION: Šentrupert 5, 8232 Šentrupert

The open-air museum with 19 hayracks and the Center for the Exploration of Cultural Heritage stands in the valley of the Mirna River. As a result of the changes in farming methods, hayracks are losing their original significance. Not only their wooden structures are deteriorating; important national landscape, technical and cultural heritage is being lost. A park with a kilometer long walking trail is intended to preserve the material heritage and other ethnological contents, such as mowing and harvesting hay and cereals. In addition to workshops, cultural events will take place in the park. Six characteristic types of hayracks are set up in the museum: three single (single, single with coat, single parallel) and three double (low, goat and double hayrack). The oldest one is Luka’s toplar from 1795. In the vicinity of the park visitors can find Simončič’s toplar, the only hayrack in Slovenia with the status of a cultural monument of national importance.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
2,5 ha
Investment value
900.000 eur
Občina Šentrupert

Technical team

Rupert Gole, Iztok Kovačič, Jože Cugelj
Landscape architecture
Gregor Vreš, Tina Demšar Vreš
Other participants
Dušan Štepec

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Construction work
Damjan Bajc