Slovene architecture

SKIN dermatology clinic

Raketa d.o.o. / 2016

The wooden wall around the existing construction of the central space of a dermatology clinic resembles the skin around a skeleton. The space defined by the construction has been softened by an undulating wall which hides service rooms. To avoid excessive sterility, the clinic is designed in warm shades of grey and white, as well as in wood, which is seldom used in medical institutions. There are several types of textures which seem to be waiting to be touched, just like beautiful skin.

Object information

Leto projekta
Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
120 m2

Technical team

Katjuša Kranjc, Rok Kuhar
Žiga Lovšin, Miran Kambič

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Tlaki, parketi, keramika
Pertot Trst
Notranja oprema
Kamiz d.o.o., Kubus – interier d.o.o.