Slovene architecture

Company Headquarters ATG Zupan - renovation

Davor Podbregar / 2019

The renovation brought a new program into the building without interfering with the construction. The business premises comprise a storage and an office part with an exhibition space, a lecture room, a meeting room and offices. The interior is in bright neutral tones with colour accents in accordance with the corporate image of the company. The neutrality of the interior brings to the fore the content – the activity of the company and its products. The facade is in broom finishing plaster, which does not try to stand out, but fits perfectly in its small town surroundings.

Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
2100 m2
Total Area
3600 m2
BigSEE Architecture Award 2020 - Winner, Public and commercial architecture
ATG Zupan d.o.o. Krmelj

Technical team

Davor Podbregar
Interior design
Davor Podbregar
Lovro Rozina
Mechanical engineering
Jože Špendal
Construction engineering
Hiša niša d.o.o.
Technological plans
Milan Bevec

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Gradbeništvo Brgant d.o.o.
Kamnoseštvo Grama – Vojko Železnik S.P.
Construction work
Gradbeništvo Dolničar, Marinka Dolničar s.p.; Gradnje d.o.o.
Fasades and insulation
Vladimir Odlazek s.p.
Installation contractor
Private: ENTIA LIVING, Inštalaterstvo Marko Muhič s.p.; Elektro Sebanc, Sebanc Bojan s.p.
Roofing, tinkering
Krovska dela Smolič, Smolič Štefan s.p.; Ključavničarstvo Zvonko Papež s.p.
Windows, doors
Termoglas d.o.o.; Record avtomatska vrata d.o.o.; VON d.o.o.
Floors, parquets, ceramics
Boštjan Mežnar s.p.
Mizarstvo Sitar, Boštjan Sitar s.p.; Tegometall Inženiring d.o.o.; Prostoria; Sitia