Slovene architecture

Comita Office Building

Nava Arhitekti / 2016
LOCATION: Ljubljanska cesta 24a, Kranj

The project is a renovation of an older building, which is a part of a large business complex in Kranj. The basic steel frame construction allowed the building to be adapted to the needs of Comita, a telecommunications company. The free floor plan combines open offices, conference rooms, management offices and leisure spaces, connected through a new semi-circular stairwell. The northern exposure allowed the installation of big windows with views to the Alps. These glass walls represent the main artistic expression of the new facade.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Comita d. d.

Technical team

Aleksander Lužnik, Ana Ocvirk Šafar, Monika Fink Serša, Eva Senekovič, Boris Vranić
Boris Vranić, Mitja Kobal

Manufacturers and Suppliers