Slovene architecture

Boathouse Špica in Celje

Gril Kikelj arhitekti / 2011

The boathouse Špica is designed as a shelter under a roof shaped as an inverted boat. The building shows different faces depending from which side we look at it as it is adapted to its natural surroundings. The western and the northern sides of the building form a cantilever creating a covered multi-purpose platform. The platform usually serves as storage and preparation space for boats. During major rowing competitions it can be converted into an event space that continues with the bleachers on the river banks. The base of the building is solid concrete, while the top of the construction is in lightweight steel. The lower floor is used for activities that can be easily evacuated from the space, because of the danger of floods. The top floor houses the rowing club offices, a fitness centre, and a bar with panoramic views of the surroundings.



Object information

Leto izgradnje
Kajak kanu klub Nivo Celje

Technical team

Gril Kikelj arhitekti, Matjaž Gril, Klavdij Kikelj
Boštjan Kikelj, Klavdij Kikelj

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
CM Celje d.o.o.
Proming d.o.o.