Slovene architecture

Lepa Vida boutique winery

SoNo arhitekti / 2017
LOCATION: Osek 4b, Šempas

In this modern tasting area guests are offered authentic wine from young Vipava winemakers. Besides wine and food, they can experience attractive views of the valley, and thus complete the entire visiting experience. The building is rectangular with clear lines. Through a large window and a covered wooden patio, the ambience smoothly moves from the inner space to the outdoors. The windows are enveloped by the visible concrete structure while the wooden lining of the interior brings warmth and homeliness.


Object information

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60 m2

Technical team

SoNo arhitekti
SoNo arhitekti
Nejc Bole

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Sustinno d.o.o.
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Sustinno d.o.o.
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