Slovene architecture

Bohač's hayrack

GROMarch / 2010
LOCATION: Za Bohačevo hišo (Zadrečka 6), 3331 Nazarje

In the courtyard of the former Bohač restaurant in Nazarje, there is a large double hayrack called Bohač’s hayrack, which was in very poor condition prior to the renovation. Its historical tradition was respected and the structure is now fully restored and reinforced, the exterior walls and roof are insulated. Metal brackets, installation,  electrical lines and air conditioners are hidden. The ground floor is arranged as a farmers’ market. On the first floor, accessible by the new stairs, there is a space for a permanent exhibition. For larger or additional temporary exhibitions there is space in the attic. All new features are designed to contrast with the old, in dark coated steel.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Vrednost investicije
210000 eur
Občina Nazarje

Technical team

Janez Peter Grom
Marko Leber
Ostali sodelujoči

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
Remont d.d.