Slovene architecture

Gas station – Fotopub project space

Milan Mihelič / 1968
LOCATION: Tivolska cesta 44, Ljubljana

The service station was designed as part of an integrated urban arrangement for the northern entrance to the city center. It was intended as an annex to the S1 and S2 towers and as a passage to the lower dimensions of the buildings along the former Prešeren Street. On the other side of the street, a similar function was assumed by the International Telephone Exchange building. The architect designed the service station as a structurally prominent canopy with reinforced concrete sponge construction. Its central element is a ribbed pillar from which the rectangular roof beams extend in a circular fashion. The supports are connected by a concrete membrane with lights and ribs that emphasize the course of the beams. The gas station is no longer in use and serves as an art gallery.


Object information

Construction year
Total floor area
260 m2
Petrol d.d.

Technical team

Milan Mihelič
Other participants
Jože Jaklič, Kamilo Kolarič, Tomaž Goršič

Manufacturers and Suppliers