Slovene architecture

White villa

Biro Gašperič / 2007

The home of a dynamic couple stands at the crossroads of two busy streets, protected from them by high walls that form the front of the house. On the inside, glazed surfaces open onto a garden, a marvellous site for social gatherings all year round. On the elevated ground floor, which also serves as flood protection, the living quarters are located; these continue onto the terrace shaded by a canvas that appears to float above a small pond. On the way to the upper floors, the thoughtful layout of windows allows the views towards the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. On the intermediate floor there are guest rooms with bathrooms, while the master bedrooms were designed in the penthouse.

Object information

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210 m2

Technical team

Biro Gašperič, Matej Gašperič
arhiv biroja

Manufacturers and Suppliers

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