Slovene architecture

White is a colour.

Pika, zavod za prostorske intervencije in kreativne atrakcije / 2011

The old apartment in the building of the former Chamber of Labour, designed by Vladimir Šubic in 1928, needed complete renovation and a change of floor plan. On the sunny, street side of the street there is a huge, back-lit living room (former rooms) and on the north, courtyard side a sleeping area (former bedroom). A new diagonal line at the central load-bearing wall creates a service center with a spacious bathroom and utility room. The whiteness of the interior varies with different shades of white. The seemingly minimalist flat is enriched and has a distinctive character by use of colorful iconic furniture and lamps, paintings and art decoration.

Object information

Construction year
Object size
78 m2

Technical team

Mateja Panter
Janez Vlachy

Manufacturers and Suppliers